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"You cross my mind, a lot. More times than I like to admit; you seem to have taken up permanent residence, making your home in the deepest corners of my mind. And sometimes I get caught up in my head, I’ll lose myself in the colour of your eyes - even in my head I’m helpless - and I have to remind myself to breathe."

it kind of amazes me that putting a black line on my eyelid can make me feel better about myself 

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no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather 

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She does not know that she is a part of the dawn.

i wanna do this so bad

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A post about music. Check it out!
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"Give Me (Too Much) Love"
Ed Sheeran
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"2 a.m. Sitting alone at the coffee table, in the dark, writing and aching for you, while you are asleep in your own bed, far from here. Dreaming of someone else."